Impact Health Program

The Impact Health Program is an opportunity for FOUR lupus survivors to receive personal fitness training and educational knowledge of healthy foods for one month.

Over the course of the month, each survivor is required to work out with a certified fitness trainer TWICE per week, unless they are experiencing a flare.

A meal plan will be provided for times per week each survivor to follow. It is important to make the fitness trainer aware of all medications being taken during this program to ensure the plan does not compromise the success of the survivor’s medication. A list of all medications will be required before the survivor begins the program. . The goal of this program seeks to help survivors gain control of their lifestyle in order to thrive with lupus.


It is our goal to continue providing visions of hope to all lupus survivors. When you join the fight against lupus, you enable us to continue exuding our motto: Run Lupus… Don’t Let It Run You! With your support, we will be able to help lupus survivors thrive in the fight against lupus and end the stigmatism attached to this devastating disease.