Community service is the ability to give of one’s self voluntarily without seeking any accolades, praise, or items in return. It requires an act of selflessness and kindness from within an individual, not obligation. As a result, the J.E.N Scholarship was named after Jade Nealious’ (founder) sister, Jessica Elaine Nealious. Her commitment to education and serving her students through service, knowledge, wisdom, financial needs, and understanding inspired me to give back to a deserving graduating high school senior in Aiken, South Carolina. For 2016, a scholarship was presented to the valedictorian’s of Aiken High School and Silver Bluff High School. However, our goal will be to challenge all students for the new school year. For 2017, the scholarships will be given to students at the following schools (they do not have to be a valedictorian):

  1. Silver Bluff High School
  2. South Aiken High School
  3. Aiken High School
  4. Midland Valley High School

For more information or the application fee, email

Congratulations to our 2017 Scholarship Recipients!!!!!

Scholarships were given to students at the following schools (they do not have to be a valedictorian, nor suffer from chronic illness):

Faith Reynolds
Silver Bluff High School Recipient

We are proud to announce that Faith will be attending University of South Carolina Salkehatchie during the fall semester of 2017!

Kierra Devine
 South Aiken High School Recipient

We are proud to announce that Kierra will be attending Coastal Carolina University during the fall semester of 2017!

Jasmine Williams
Aiken High School Recipient

We are proud to announce that Jasmine will be attending Benedict College during the fall semester of 2017!

2018 J.E.N Scholarship Applications

Applications will be available on Friday, December 15, 2017.
Applications are available upon request at

Important: The student does not have to suffer from lupus or an autoimmune disease to be considered for this scholarship.


It is our goal to continue providing visions of hope to all lupus survivors. When you join the fight against lupus, you enable us to continue exuding our motto: Run Lupus… Don’t Let It Run You! With your support, we will be able to help lupus survivors thrive in the fight against lupus and end the stigmatism attached to this devastating disease.